ISO Certified Quality Management
ISO Certified Quality Management
We are
ISO9001-2015 Certified
for Quality Management Systems
Supply Chain
Supply Chain
Traceable supply chain
from manufacturer
to your patient
24 hour delivery
for over 7000+ products
24 hour delivery
for over 7000+ products
Find all you need to manage the most complicated cases while we understand that timing is everything in your business

About us

We blaze the trail in supply chain for pharmaceuticals, Others follow.

We exist to empower all healthcare providers fulfil their mandate for a healthier Africa. At DrugStoc we are constantly and tirelessly seeking ways to improve your access to pharmaceutical products and services. Healthcare service provision is already a tough endeavour within our corner of the world, we can only make it better by working together to get rid of counterfeit drugs and the hassles of getting proper and good quality medication cheaply to our clients

frequently asking questions

We Care

Who is this platform for?
This platform is for any and all registered healthcare providers and professionals. This includes nurses, pharmacists, medical doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, healthcare NGOs making pharmaceutical procurements, accredited PPMVs.
How do I sign up or register?
Our 2 minute registration and sign up process is very simple and user friendly. This is followed by a verification of your submitted credentials to ensure you are accredited for practice in Nigeria within 24 hours within which you will be contacted by our team.
What is ISO 9001-2015?
Our management systems are internationally accredited by ISO to ensure we benchmark our processes against international distribution standards so that you and your patients can be 100% guaranteed that our quality standards and processes will never fail you. This is our brand promise.
I can’t use or download the app, how do I work with you?
Our platform is omni-channel and even though the app is the easiest way to access and use our system, we have a variety of channels which can satisfy your every situation or requirement.
PCN accreditation
Drugstoc is fully licensed and accredited for operations within Nigeria by the pharmaceutical council of Nigeria.
How do I pay for my purchases?
The platform offers a myriad of payment, credit and financing solutions which are adapted to the realities of the pharmaceutical supply chain in Nigeria.
What does the blue buyer program mean?
The Blue buyer program is a loyalty program for our key accounts where we reward clients for participating in our vision to transform the Nigerian pharmaceutical system through quality at all levels.
What is the group purchasing program?
The DrugStoc group purchasing platform is where clients come together in groups to ensure that they benefit from the economies of scale when they purchase as a group instead of individually. Currently 2 group purchasing programs are run by DrugStoc, the AGPMPN GPP (Association of General Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria) and the NaijaCare GPP. For more information on these programs you can contact our call centres.